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Warm and cold pasta phase in relativistic mean field theory

Authors: S.S. Avancini, D.P. Menezes, M.D. Alloy, J.R. Marinelli, M.M.W. Moraes, C. ProvidĂȘncia

Ref.: Phys. Rev. C 78, 015802-1-015802-12 (2008)

Abstract: In the present article we investigate the onset of the pasta phase with different parametrizations of the nonlinear Walecka model. At zero temperature two different methods are used, one based on coexistent phases and the other on the Thomas-Fermi approximation. At finite temperature only the coexistence phases method is used. npe matter with fixed proton fractions and in beta equilibrium is studied. The pasta phase decreases with the increase of temperature. The internal pasta structure and the beginning of the homogeneous phase vary depending on the proton fraction (or the imposition of beta equilibrium), on the method used, and on the chosen parametrization. It is shown that a good parametrization of the surface tension with dependence on the temperature, proton fraction, and geometry is essential to describe correctly large isospin asymmetries and the transition from pasta to homogeneous matter.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.78.015802