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The lattice infrared Landau gauge gluon propagator: from finite volume to the infinite volume

Authors: O. Oliveira, P. J. Silva

Ref.: Pos QCD-TNT09, 33 (2009)

Abstract: The Landau gauge lattice gluon propagator is discussed for different sets of lattices. Particular attention is given to its infrared properties. Our results show that the lattice propagator can be made compatible with either the decoupling-like or the scaling-like solution of the Dyson-Schwinger equations. Furthermore, the analysis of the Cucchieri-Mendes bounds is performed considering large volume simulations and the Oliveira-Silva ratios are computed. If the first do not give a clear answer about the value of $D(0)$, the second method favors a $D(0) = 0$. Finally, the SU(3) and SU(2) propagators are compared in the infrared. It comes out that the propagators are different although the infrared exponents seem to be similar. The analysis suggests a scaling behaviour $D(0) sim N$ with the gauge group SU(N).