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Many-Quark Model with su(4) Algebraic Structure - An Example of Analytically Soluble Many-Fermion System

Authors: Y. Tsue(Tsue, Yasuhiko), C Providência (Providência, Constança), J. da Providencia (da Providencia, Joao), M Yamamura(Yamamura, Masatoshi)

Ref.: PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS 121, 1237-1287 (2009)

Abstract: With the use of a certain type of the Schwinger boson representation of the su(4) algebra, the Bonn model for many-quark systems and an extension of the model, in which the energies of the various exact states are controled, namely, the energies are enhanced or de-enhanced, are investigated. In the boson space spanned by the use of the boson realization, the exact eigenstates and the exact energy eigenvalues are constructed. Thus, all the results in this Bonn model and its extension are analytically expressed in the exact forms. Especially, the quark-triplet formation and the pairing correlation in many-quark states are widely discussed in the boson realization.