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Color symmetric superconductivity in a phenomenological QCD model

Authors: Henrik Bohr, Constança Providência, João da Providência

Ref.: Eur. Phys. J. A 41, 355-360 (2009)

Abstract: In this paper, we construct a theory of the NJL-type where superconductivity is present, and yet the super-conducting state remains, in the average, color symmetric. This shows that the present approach to color superconductivity is consistent with color singlet-ness. Indeed, quarks are free in the deconfined phase, but the deconfined phase itself is believed to be a color singlet. The usual description of the color superconducting state violates color singlet-ness. On the other hand, the color superconducting state here proposed, is color symmetric in the sense that an arbitrary color rotation leads to an equivalent state, with precisely the same physical properties.