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Recent developments in chiral unitary theory of mesons and baryons.

Authors: E. Oset, D. Gamermann, K. Khemchandani, A. Martinez, L.S. Geng , M. Napsuciale.

Ref.: AIP Conf.Proc. 1116, 92-92 (2009)

Abstract: In this talk I summarize recent findings around the description of axial vector mesons as dynamically generated states from the interaction of pseudoscalar mesons and vector mesons, dedicating some attention to the two K1(1270) states. Then I review the generation of open and hidden charm scalar and axial states, and how some recent experiment supports the existence of the new hidden charm scalar state predicted. I present recent results showing that the low lying 1/2+ baryon resonances for S = −1 can be obtained as bound states or resonances of two mesons and one baryon in coupled channels. Then show the differences with the S = 0 case, where the N*(1710) appears also dynamically generated from the two pion one nucleon system, but the N*(1440) does not appear, indicating a more complex structure of the Roper resonance. Finally I shall show how the state X(2175), recently discovered at BABAR and BES, appears naturally as a resonance of the phiKK-bar system.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3131609