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Revisiting the Wu-Yang Monopole: classical solutions and conformal invariance

Authors: J. A. O. Marinho, O. Oliveira, B. V. Carlson, T. Frederico

Ref.: arXiv:0912.3274 (2009)

Abstract: The Wu-Yang monopole for pure SU(2) Yang-Mills theory is revisited. New classical solutions with finite energy are found for a generalized Wu-Yang configuration. Our method relies on known asymptotic series solutions and explores the conformal invariance of the theory to set the scale for the monopole configurations. Furthermore, by breaking the scale invariance of the pure Yang-Mills theory by a term which simulates the coupling to quark fields, four different monopole configurations with an energy of 2.9 GeV and spatial extent of 1.2 fm, 1.4 fm, 2.4 fm and 2.6 fm are obtained. These configurations may play a role in the transition to the plasma phase.

URL: arxiv.org