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Running Gluon Mass from Landau Gauge Lattice QCD Propagator

Authors: O. Oliveira, P. Bicudo

Ref.: J Phys G38, 045003 (2011)

Abstract: The interpretation of the Landau gauge lattice gluon propagator as a massive type bosonic propagator is investigated. Three different scenarios are discussed: i) an infrared constant gluon mass; ii) an ultraviolet constant gluon mass; iii) a running mass. We find that the infrared data can be associated with a massive propagator with a constant gluon mass of 651(12) MeV. The ultraviolet lattice data is not compatible with a massive type propagator with a constant mass. The scenario of a running gluon mass gives a decreasing mass with the momentum, starting from a value of $sim 630$ MeV in the infrared region and suggesting a $q^2 ln q^2$ dependence for momenta above 1 GeV. The perturbative behavior is also observed in the right momentum region.

DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/38/4/045003

URL: arxiv.org