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From propagators to glueballs in the Gribov-Zwanziger framework

Authors: N. Vandersickel, D. Dudal, O. Oliveira, S.P. Sorella

Ref.: arXiv 1010.4448 (2010)

Abstract: Over the last years, lattice calculations in pure Yang-Mills gauge theory seem to have come more or less to a consensus. The ghost propagator is not enhanced and the gluon propagator is positivity violating, infrared suppressed and non-vanishing at zero momentum. From an analytical point of view, several groups are agreeing with these results. Among them, the refined Gribov-Zwanziger (RGZ) framework also accommodates for these results. The question which rises next is, if our models hold the right form for the propagators, how to extract information on the real physical observables, i.e. the glueballs? How do the operators which represent glueballs look like? We review the current status of this matter within the RGZ framework.

URL: arxiv.org