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Asteroseismology and the degeneracy of model solutions for subgiant stars

Authors: Pinheiro F.J.G.; J. Fernandes

Ref.: Ap&SS 328, 73 (2010)

Abstract: Stellar evolutionary models are essential for the determination of stellar masses and ages. Several parameters can be used to characterize the structure of subgiant stars. Amongst others we can find: the helium and metal abundances, mixing length and core overshooting. In many cases, these parameters are scaled taking into account the solar values. Yet, the universality of such scalings has been put to question. As shown here, by allowing some freedom to these parameters we end up with a degeneracy of model solutions. This puts serious limitations on the determination of mass and age. Asteroseismology may provide a valuable help to break such a degeneracy. This is illustrated with an application to the subgiant star μ Her.

DOI: 10.1007/s10509-009-0230-4