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CoRoT observations of the young open cluster Dolidze 25

Authors: Ripepi, V.; Leccia, S.; Baglin, A.; Ruoppo, A.; Bernabei, S.; Zwintz, K.; Cusano, F.; Gandolfi, D.; Guenter, E. W.; Alencar, S.; Marconi, M.; Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.; Palla, F.; Alcalá, J. M.; Boehm, T.; Catala, C.; Pinheiro F.J.G.; and 13 co-authors

Ref.: Ap&SS 328, 119 (2010)

Abstract: We present some preliminary results based on the CoRoT observations of the young distant cluster Dolidze 25. The light curve for the 28 stars observed by the satellite have been analyzed and the relevant periodogram presented. As a result we have found two binary, three Pulsating Be, three SPB, two Spotted and one ellipsoidal variables. Noteworthy, we have also identified one PMS δ Scuti candidate.

DOI: 10.1007/s10509-009-0189-1