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The effect of confinement on the CFL quark pairing in the chromodielectric model.

Authors: S.M. De Carvalho, M. Malheiro, T. Frederico, B.V. Carlson, , M. Fiolhais, , N. Scoccola, A.G. Grunfeld

Ref.: Int. J. Mod. Phys.D 19, 1737-1741 (2010)

Abstract: An effective Lagrangian for quark pairing in nonlinear chromodielectric models (CDM) is derived in the leading order. The effective pairing coupling depends explicitly on the confinement field, ÷, of the CDM manifesting a confinement effect on color superconductivity. The self-consistent gap equations are constructed and solved for the color-flavor locked phase. The pairing coupling, for the quartic ÷ potential used in the calculations, is inversely proportional to the second power of the ÷ field and to the ÷ mass squared. In the chiral solution the quarks do not pair, but in the chiral breaking solution, where ÷ is small and the effective pairing interaction is stronger, it does show pairing. Our results indicate that the vector channel of the gap is weaker than the scalar one.

DOI: 10.1142/S0218271810017792