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The $phi$(1020) $a_0$(980) S-wave scattering and hints for a new vector-isovector resonance

Authors: L. Alvarez-Ruso, J.A. Oller, J.M. Alarcon

Ref.: Phys. Rev. D D82, 094028-1-094028-10 (2010)

Abstract: We have studied the ϕ(1020)a0(980) S-wave scattering at threshold energies employing chiral Lagrangians coupled to vector mesons by minimal coupling. The interaction is described without new free parameters by considering the scalar isovector a0(980) resonance as dynamically generated in coupled channels and demanding that the recently measured e+e-¨ϕ(1020)f0(980) cross section is reproduced. For some values of a parameter obtained by fitting the latter reaction cross section, and taking the a0(980) pole position and residues from two previous studies, the presence of a dynamically generated isovector companion of the Y(2175) is revealed. We have also investigated the corrections to the e+e-¨ϕ(1020)ƒÎ0ƒÅ cross section that arise from ϕ(1020)a0(980) rescattering in the final state. They are large and lead to considerable modifications of the cross section in absolute value and energy dependence. Moreover, when a ϕ(1020)a0(980) resonance is present, it shows up as a clear resonant peak at &stilde;2.03GeV in e+e-¨ϕ(1020)ƒÎ0ƒÅ from the ϕ(1020)a0(980) final-state interactions.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.82.094028