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Linking Dynamical Gluon Mass to Chiral Symmetry Breaking via a QCD Low Energy Effective Field Theory

Authors: O. Oliveira, W. de Paula, T. frederico

Ref.: arXiv 1105.4899 (2011)

Abstract: A low energy effective field theory model for QCD with a scalar color octet field is discussed. The model relates the gluon mass, the constituent quark masses and the quark condensate. The gluon mass comes about $sqrt{N_c}, Lambda_{QCD}$ with the quark condensate being proportional to the gluon mass squared. The model suggests that the restoration of chiral symmetry and the deconfinement transition occur at the same temperature and that, near the transition, the critical exponent for the condensate is twice the gluon mass one. The model also favors the decoupling like solution for the gluon propagator.

URL: arxiv.org