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Signature of curved QFT effects on the optical properties of deformed graphene: Curved QFT effects on the optical properties of deformed graphene

Authors: O. Oliveira, A. J. Chaves, W. de Paula, T. Frederico

Ref.: Europhys Lett. 117, 27003 (2017)

Abstract: The Dirac equation in curved space is used to study the optical transmittance of deformed graphene along a given direction. Our theoretical analysis of the available experimental data for the light transmittance suggests that the periodic ripple associated with the out-of-plane deformation observed in unstrained graphene explains the observations. Furthermore, the experimental uniaxial strained graphene for light transmittance show two features, namely the modification of the cos2θ law and the decrease of the amplitude of the oscillations with the polarization angle θ, which can be well accommodated within the theoretical analysis used here and provide further evidence of the validity of using QFT in curved space to understand two dimensional materials.

DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/117/27003

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