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Dual Representation for Pure Yang-Mills SU(2) Gauge Theory

Authors: R. Leme, O. Oliveira, G Krein

Ref.: arXiv, 1703.07335 (2017)

Abstract: A dual representation for non-Abelian lattice gauge theories where the new set of dynamical variables belong to the natural numbers N0 is discussed. After looking at the constraints on the dual variables due to gauge symmetry, the theory for the gauge group SU(2) is solved using Monte Carlo simulations based on Prokof’ev-Svistunov worm type of algorithms. The performance of the Monte Carlo is investigated for different types of updates. To test our approach the plaquette mean value is computed for a large range β values and compared to the results from a conventional heat bath method. We find that the worm approach to the dual representation is able to reproduce the heat bath numbers. Furthermore, the mass of the lightest $J^{PC} = 0^{++}$ glueball state is also evaluated and is in good agreement with the literature.

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