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Effect of the symmetry energy on compact stars

Authors: C ProvidĂȘncia, R Cavagnoli, D P Menezes and P K Panda

Ref.: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 342, 012008 (2012)

Abstract: The effect of the symmetry energy on the properties of compact stars is discussed. It is shown that, for stars with masses above 1 Modot, the radius of the star varies linearly with the symmetry energy slope L. The hyperon-meson couplings are chosen according to experimental values of the hyperon nuclear matter potentials, and possible uncertainties are considered. It is shown that a softer symmetry energy gives rise to stars with less hyperons and smaller radius. Hyperon-meson couplings may also have a strong effect on the mass of the star.

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/342/1/012008