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Continuous opinion model in small-world directed networks

Authors: Yérali Gandica, Marcelo del Castillo Mussot, Gerardo Vásquez and Sergio Rojas

Ref.: Physica A 389 (2010)

Abstract: In the compromise model of continuous opinions proposed by Deffuant et al., the states of two agents in a network can start to converge if they are neighbors and if their opinions are sufficiently close to each other, below a given threshold of tolerance ε . In directed networks,if agent i is a neighbor of agent j, j need not be a neighbor of i. In Watts–Strogatz networks we performed simulations to find the averaged number of final opinions ⟨F ⟩ and their distribution as a function of ε and of the network structural disorder. In directed networks ⟨F ⟩ exhibits a rich structure, being larger than in undirected networks for higher values of ε , and smaller for lower values of ε .