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Pion scattering and electro-production on nucleons in the resonance region in chiral quark models

Authors: S. Širca, B. Golli, M. Fiolhais, P. Alberto

Ref.: Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive (eConf) at http://www.slac.stanford.edu/econf/C110613/., 520-524 (2011)

Abstract: Pion scattering and electro-production amplitudes have been computed in a coupled-channel framework incorporating quasi-bound quark-model states, based on the Cloudy Bag model. All relevant low-lying nucleon resonances in the P33, P11, and S11 partial waves have been covered, including the $Delta(1232$, the $N^*(1440)$, $N^*(1535)$, and $N^*(1650)$. Consistent results have been obtained for elastic and inelastic scattering (two-pion, eta-N, and K-Lambda channels), as well as for electro-production. The meson cloud has been shown to play a major role, in particular in electro-magnetic observables in the P33 and P11 channels.

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