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Stellar matter and Cold Neutron Stars Properties within the Non-linear Walecka Model

Authors: Vitor Lay

Supervisors: Constança ProvidĂȘncia

MSc thesis, Tese de Mestrado, UC (2012)

Abstract: In this work we investigate the equation of state (EoS) of nuclear matter for various parametrizations of a relativistic mean field model and for various proton fractions. At first, we study the nonlinear Walecka model in the relativistic mean field approximation with the , ! and  mesons. In the second phase we study matter in -equilibrium, and as a reference, we have considered a free fermion gas of protons, neutrons, electrons and muons. Later, we study the hydrostatic equilibrium in two approximations: non relativistic and relativistic. The Tolman-Oppenheimer and Volkoff differential equation is solved. The solutions describe some of the most important properties of the stars, such as mass, radius and central energy density. The effects of certain non-linear mesonic terms on the stars properties are studied.