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Relativistic Mean-Field Models and Nuclear Matter Constraints

Authors: Dutra, M.; Lourenco, O.; Carlson B. V.; Delfino, A; Menezes DP; Avancini SS; Stone JR ; Providencia C; Typel, S

Ref.: AIP Conference Proceedings 1529, 238-240 (2013)

Abstract: This work presents a preliminary study of 147 relativistic mean-field (RMF) hadronic models used in the literature, regarding their behavior in the nuclear matter regime. We analyze here different kinds of such models, namely: (i) linear models, (ii) nonlinear sigma(3) + sigma 4 models, (iii) sigma(3) vertical bar sigma(4) vertical bar omega(4) models, (iv) models containing mixing terms in the fields sigma and omega, (v) density dependent models, and (vi) point-coupling ones. In the finite range models, the attractive (repulsive) interaction is described in the Lagrangian density by the sigma (omega) field. The isospin dependence of the interaction is modeled by the rho meson field. We submit these sets of RMF models to eleven macroscopic (experimental and empirical) constraints, used in a recent study in which 240 Skyrme parametrizations were analyzed. Such constraints cover a wide range of properties related to symmetric nuclear matter (SNM), pure neutron matter (PNM), and both SNM and PNM.

DOI: 10.1063/1.4804125