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Thermodynamics in rotating systems - analysis of selected examples

Authors: J. Güémez, M. Fiolhais

Ref.: European Journal of Physics 35, 015013_1-14 (2014)

Abstract: We solve a set of selected exercises on rotational motion requiring a mechanical and thermodynamical analysis. When non-conservative forces or thermal effects are present, a complete study must use the first law of thermodynamics together with the Newton’s second law. The latter is here better expressed in terms of an ‘angular’ impulse-momentum equation (Poinsot-Euler equation), or, equivalently, in terms of a ‘rotational’ pseudo-work-energy equation. Thermodynamical aspects in rotational systems, when e.g. frictional forces are present or when there is a variation of the rotational kinetic energy due to internal sources of energy, are discussed.

DOI: 10.1088/0143-0807/35/1/015013