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Pseudospin and spin symmetries in 1+1 dimensions: The case of the Coulomb potential

Authors: L. B. Castro, A. S. de Castro, P. Alberto

Ref.: Annals of Physics 356, 83-94 (2015)

Abstract: The problem of fermions in 1+1 dimensions in the presence of a pseudoscalar Coulomb potential plus a mixing of vector and scalar Coulomb potentials which have equal or opposite signs is investigated. We explore all the possible signs of the potentials and discuss their bound-state solutions for fermions and antifermions.We show the relation between spin and pseudospin symmetries by means of charge-conjugation and $gamma^5$ chiral transformations. The cases of pure pseudoscalar and mixed vector–scalar potentials, already analyzed in previous works, are obtained as particular cases. The results presented can be extended to 3+1 dimensions.

DOI: 10.1016/j.aop.2015.02.033