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On dipositronium and molecular hydrogen: similarities and differences

Authors: A.J.C. Varandas, J. da Providência, M. Brajczewska and J. P. da Providência

Ref.: European Physical Journal D 69, 114 (2015)

Abstract: The stability and other properties of the dipositronium molecule are discussed. It is pointed out that the dipositronium binding energy may be explained on the basis of a simplified model which satisfies the important requirement of providing a consistent description of the “atoms” and “molecule” of positronium. The importance of correlations in positronium and dipositronium is analyzed. In comparing positronium and dipositronium with atomic and molecular hydrogen, a remarkable parallelism is identified but also significant differences.

DOI: DOI:10.1140/epjd/e2015-50818-0