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Static potential for the quark-anitquark-gluon hybrid system in lattice QCD

Authors: M. Cardoso, P. Bicudo, O. Oliveira

Ref.: PoS LATTICE 2007, 293 (2007)

Abstract: The static gluon-quark-antiquark interaction is investigated using lattice QCD techniques. A Wilson loop adequate to the static hybrid three-body system is developed and, using $24^4x48$ periodic lattice with $\beta = 6.2$, the potential energy of the system is measured for different geometries. For the medium range behaviour, when the quarks are far apart, we find a strng tension which is compatible with two fundamental strings. On the other hand, when the quark and antiquark are nearby, the string tension is larger than two fundamental strings and is compatible with the Casimir scaling.

URL: pos.sissa.it