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Locality, relativity and Bell's inequalities

Authors: F. Nogueira, M. H. Caldeira, and J. M. Domingos

Ref.: Physica Scripta 53, 18-22 (1996)

Abstract: In strict accordance with special relativity, locality is defined in terms of observed results. In a non-deterministic "hidden-parameter" theory, admitting "statistical independence" of the outcomes for a single pair, locality and a restriction ("primary locality") at the level of "primary probabilities", Bell's inequalities are recollected. Their violation is traced to the assumption of an algebraic structure defining relations between single-constituent "probabilistic" descriptions that cannot be interpreted as distinctive properties of the components. It is then concluded that the experimental violation of Bell's inequalities cannot be a test of non-locality, even if locality is interpreted at the unobservable level, in terms of "primary probabilities".