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Heavy baryon spectroscopy from the lattice

Authors: K.C. Bowler, R.D. Kenway, O. Oliveira, D.G. Richards, P. Ueberholz, L. Lellouch, J. Nieves, C.T. Sachrajda, N. Stella and H. Wittig

Ref.: Physical Review D 54, 3619-3633 (1996)

Abstract: The results of an exploratory lattice study of heavy baryon spectroscopy are presented. We have computed the full spectrum of the eight baryons containing a single heavy quark, on a 24 3 x 48 lattice at beta = 6.2, using an O (a)-improved fermion action. We discuss the lattice baryon operators and give a method for isolating the contributions of the spin doublets (sum, sum*), (III',III*), and (Omega, Omega*) to the correlation function of the relevant operator. We compare our results with the available experimental data and find good agreement in both the charm and the b-quark sectors, despite the long extrapolation in the heavy quark mass needed in the latter case. We also predict the masses of several undiscovered baryons. We compute the wedge-pseudoscalar meson and sum-wedge mass splittings. Our results, which have errors in the range 10-30%, are in good agreement with the experimental numbers. For the sum* -sum mass splitting, we find results considerably smaller than the experimental values for both the charm and the b-flavored baryons, although in the latter case the experimental results are still preliminary. This is also the case for the lattice results for the hyperfine splitting for the heavy mesons.