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The Goldberger-Treiman relation and the chiral soliton model

Authors: M. Fiolhais, A. Nippe, K. Goeke, F. Grümmer and J. Urbano

Ref.: Physics Letters B 194, 187-191 (1987)

Abstract: The linear chiral soliton model with explicit quark fields and elementary pion and sigma-fields is solved in order to describe nucleon and delta properties. Special emphasis is put on the axial vector coupling constant gA and the Goldberger-Treiman relation. To this end baryon Fock states are constructed in a mean field approximation with hedgehog like configurations from which the physical states are obtained by projection techniques. It is shown that the Goldberger-Treiman relation is only fulfilled if the quark an pion-hedgehog is generalized and the variation is performed with projected states. Under this condition no parameter set is found which yields a proper gA and a proper pion nucleon coupling constant g pi NN, if the polarization of the Dirac sea is neglected. Other observables are reproduced within 20% limits or less.