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Form factors in the projected chiral soliton model with vector mesons

Authors: P. Alberto, E. Ruiz Arriola, J.N. Urbano and K. Goeke

Ref.: Physics Letters B 247, 210-214 (1990)

Abstract: Electromagnetic and axial form factors of the nucleon are computed within the framework of a chiral massive Yang-Mills lagrangian including, sigma, pi, omega, rho. A mesons as well as valence quarks. For this purpose canonical quantization of all the fields is performed and a hedgehog mean field Fock state is defined as a product of a Slater determinant for the quarks in a 1s-state and coherent states for all the mesons. Using Peierls-Yoccoz projection operators onto spin and isospin quantum numbers the state of the nucleon is determined. Its energy is fitted to the nucleon mass by adjusting the quark-meson coupling constants. Observables and electromagnetic and axial form factors are evaluated. Except for the neutron electric form factors the results agree well with experiment and improve slightly compared to the projected linear sigma-model.

DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(90)90883-8