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Decay of charged stabilized jellium clusters

Authors: A. Vieira, M. Brajczewska, and C. Fiolhais

Ref.: International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 56, 239-246 (1995)

Abstract: The stabilized jellium model is a simple modification of the jellium model, which more realistically describes simple metals of high density, such as Al, Ga, Pb, etc. We analyzed the fragmentation processes of charged spherical Al clusters in the framework of the stabilized jellium model. Kohn-Sham calculations of the parents and daughters, using the local density approximation, have been made. We evaluated the dissociation energies Al-N(+), Al-N(2+) and Al-N(-) with N = 1-30 atoms, in all possible decay channels. We discuss the most favorable decay channels, which are ruled by the shell structure (magic numbers of valence electrons in the parents and the daughters) oscillations around an average trend given by a liquid drop model. We compare our calculations with others and with the available experimental data.