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Canonical quantization of the chiral soliton model with vector mesons and then N-Delta splitting

Authors: E. Ruiz Arriola, P. Alberto, K. Goeke and J.N. Urbano

Ref.: Physics Letters B 236, 381-386 (1990)

Abstract: We investigate the canonical quantization of the massive Yang-Mills lagrangian including sigma, pi, omega, rho, A mesons as well as valence quarks. After eliminating the time-like component of the vector mesons fields a mean field Fock state is defined as a product of a Slater determinant for the quarks in a 1s state and coherent states for the mesons. This mean field Fock state is projected onto good spin and isospin by means of Peierls-Yoccoz operators and we obtain, after fitting the nucleon mass, a N-Delta splitting which accounts for 80% of the experimental value.

DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(90)90369-H