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Equation of collective submanifold for mixed states

Authors: M. Yamamura, J. da ProvidĂȘncia, A. Kuriyama and C. Fiolhais

Ref.: Progress of Theoretical Physics 81, 1198-1216 (1989)

Abstract: With the aim of giving a microscopic description of various nuclear phenomena observed in highly excited states, the equation of the collective submanifold for mixed states is presented. The basic idea is a possible TDHF-like variation in the enlarged space which is adopted in the thermo field dynamics formalis. A set of equations, which determines the collective submasifold, is obtained. The form is analogous to that given in the conventional TDHF theory. At the small amplitude limit, an equation, the form of which is similar to the conventional RPA equation, can be derived in a natural way.