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Form factors in the projected linear chiral sigma model

Authors: P. Alberto, E. Ruiz Arriola, K. Goeke, F. Grümmer and J.N. Urbano

Ref.: Zeitschrift fur Physik A - Hadrons and Nuclei 336, 449-460 (1990)

Abstract: Several nucleon form factors are computed within the framework of the linear chiral soliton model. To this end variational means and projection techniques applied to generalized hedgehog quark-boson Fock states are used. In this procedure the Goldberger-Treiman relation and a virial theorem for the pion-nucleon form factor are well fulfilled demonstrating the consistency of the treatment. Both proton and neutron charge form factors are correctly reproduced, as well as the proton magnetic one. The shapes of the neutron magnetic and of the axial form factors are good but their absolute values at the origin are too large. The slopes of all the form factors at zero momentum transfer are in good agreement with the experimental data. The pion-nucleon form factor exhibits to great extent a monopole shape with a cut-off mass A = 690 MeV. Electromagnetic form factors for the vertex gamma N Delta and the nucleon spin distribution are also evaluated and discussed.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01294118