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Linear and angular momentum projected observables in the chiral chromodielectric model of the nucleon

Authors: M. Fiolhais, T. Neuber, K. Goeke, P. Alberto and J. Urbano

Ref.: Physics Letters B 268, 1-5 (1991)

Abstract: electromagnetic and axial properties of the nucleon are evaluated using the lagrangian of the chiral chromodielectric model. To this end projected mean field states are constructed assuming three valence quarks coupled to sigma and pi fields and a confining chiral invariant scalar field xi, all with hedgehog structure. Peierls-Yoccoz projections are performed simultaneously on angular momentum, isospin, and zero linear momentum. One can find reasonable parameter sets that the nucleon mass, the magnetic moments, the axial vector coupling constant and the proton charge radius are reproduced. The resulting pion field always turns out too weak such that the model fails in describing the delta-nucleon splitting and the neutron charge radius. The nucleon sum commutator shows about one third of its experimental value.

DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(91)90912-A