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Recoil effects on nucleon electromagnetic form factors

Authors: A. Drago, M. Fiolhais and U. Tambini

Ref.: Nuclear Physics A 609, 488-500 (1996)

Abstract: The electromagnetic form factors are computed using eigenstates for linear momentum for the nucleon. The latter is described in the framework of the chiral color-dielectric model, projecting the hedgehog ansatz on eigenstates of angular momentum and isospin. Form factors are well reproduced, with the execption of the magnetic one for the proton, up to q2 sim 0.5 GeV2. The effect of the removal of the spurious center-of-mass contributions shows up mainly in the electric form factor of the proton. A noticeable improvement is obtained with respect to the calculation without linear momentum projection.

URL: nautilus.fis.uc.pt