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Axial symmetric solutions of the linear sigma model

Authors: D. Urbano, A. Silva, M. Fiolhais and P. Alberto

Ref.: Brazilian Journal of Physics 26, 690-708 (1996)

Abstract: Solitonic solutions with axial symmetry (in configuration and isospin spaces) are studied in the framework of the linear sigma model with quarks, sigma and pi mesons. A comparison between the axial and the hedgehog solitons is presented in detail. It turns out that the axial soliton is less bound than the hedgehog. States with good angular momentum and isospin are extracted from the axial state by means of the Peierls-Yoccoz projection. The relevance of the axial ansatz is discussed in the context of a description of the angular momentum excitations of the nucleon and delta states.

URL: nautilus.fis.uc.pt