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Analysis of the projected hedgehog approximation for quarks and mesons

Authors: M. Cibej, M. Fiolhais, B. Golli and M. Rosina

Ref.: Journal of Physics G 18, 49-74 (1992)

Abstract: The projected hedgehog approximation for baryons in models with interacting quarks and mesons is investigated. Exploiting the reduction of the Hilbert space to a subspace containing only one radial mode, we factorize matrix elements to observables into radial integrals and isospin-spin coefficients. The reduction is explicitly given for the linear sigma model.In order to analyse the quality of the hedgehog ansatz the solution obtained with the projected hedgehog coherent state in the reduced model is then compared with the solutions obtained with appropriate perturbative expansions in the weak and strong coupling limits and with the solution obtained by diagonalizing the Hamiltonian in the intermediate regime. The energy of the ground state and the expectation values of some other physically relevant operators in this approximation turn out to be in very good agreement with the values obtained with the accurate techniques.

URL: nautilus.fis.uc.pt