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Exploring the infrared Landau gauge propagators using large asymmetric lattices

Authors: P. J. Silva, O. Oliveira

Ref.: PoS LAT2006, 075 (2006)

Abstract: We report on the infrared limit of the quenched lattice Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators computed from large asymmetric lattices. In particular, the compatibility of the pure power law infrared solutions of the Dyson-Schwinger equations with the lattice data is investigated and the exponent $kappa$ is measured. The gluon lattice data favours $kappa sim 0.52$, which would imply a vanishing zero momentum gluon propagator. For the subset of lattices where the ghost propagator was computed, the data is not compatible with a pure power law. Our data also shows a decreasing running coupling in the infrared region. Furthermore, positivity violation for the gluon propagator is also verified.

URL: pos.sissa.it