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Infrared Gluon and Ghost Propagators from Lattice QCD. Results from large asymmetric lattices

Authors: O. Oliveira, P. J. Silva

Ref.: EPJA 31, 790 (2007)

Abstract: We report on the infrared limit of the quenched lattice Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators as well as the strong coupling constant computed from large asymmetric lattices. The infrared lattice propagators are compared with the pure power law solutions from Dyson-Schwinger equations (DSE). For the gluon propagator, the lattice data is compatible with the DSE solution. The preferred measured gluon exponent being $sim 0.52$, favouring a null zero momentum propagator. The lattice ghost propagator shows finite volume effects and, for the volumes considered, the propagator does not follow a pure power law. Furthermore, the strong coupling constant is computed and its infrared behaviour investigated.

URL: www.edpsciences.org