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Low-density instabilities in relativistic asymmetric matter of compact stars.

Authors: C. ProvidĂȘncia, L. Brito, S.S. Avancini, D.P. Menezes, Ph. Chomaz

Ref.: Phys. Rev. C 73, 025805 (2006)

Abstract: Dynamical instability modes of low-density asymmetric nuclear matter (ANM) neutralized by electrons as found in supernova core and neutron star crust are studied in the framework of rela- tivistic mean-field hadron models with the inclusion of electron and photon fields. The dynamical and thermodynamical instability zones are compared. It is shown that the Coulomb field quenches large structure formation but have little effect on medium and small-size fluctuations which are however partially stabilized by the finite range of the nuclear forces. The electron dynamics tends to restore the large wave length instabilities but is moderated by the high electron Fermi energy.

URL: cfisuc.fis.uc.pt