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Multichannel calculation of the very narrow Ds0*(2317) and the very broad D0*(2300-2400)

Authors: G. Rupp and E. van Beveren

Ref.: Eur.Phys.J.A 31, 698-700 (2007)

Abstract: The narrow $D_{s0}^{\ast}$(2317) and broad $D_0^{\ast}$(2300-2400) charmed scalar mesons and their radial excitations are described in a coupled-channel quark model that also reproduces the properties of the light scalar nonet. All two-meson channels containing ground-state pseudoscalars and vectors are included. The parameters are chosen fixed at published values, except for the overall coupling constant $\lambda$, which is fine-tuned to reproduce the $D_{s0}^{\ast}$(2317) mass, and a damping constant $\alpha$ for subthreshold contributions. Variations of $\lambda$ and $D_0^{\ast}$(2300-2400) pole postions are studied for different $\alpha$ values. Calculated cross sections for $S$-wave $DK$ and $D\pi$ scattering, as well as resonance pole positions, are given for the value of $\alpha$ that fits the light scalars. The thus predicted radially excited state ${D_{s0}^*}'$(2850), with a width of about 50 MeV, seems to have been observed already.

URL: arxiv.org