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Meson form-factors and the quark level linear sigma model

Authors: M. D. Scadron, F. Kleefeld, G. Rupp and E. van Beveren

Ref.: Tokyo 2003, Hadron spectroscopy, chiral symmetry and relativistic description of bound systems, 202-211 (2003)

Abstract: We study meson (pi,K) form factors in general, and specialize at a later stage to a specific scheme, namely the quark-level linear sigma model (LsigmaM). We compute a variety of electromagnetic and weak observables of light mesons, including pion and kaon form factors and charge radii, charged-pion polarizabilities, semileptonic weak Kl3 decay, semileptonic weak radiative pion and kaon form factors, radiative decays of vector mesons, and nonleptonic weak K2pi decay. We find good to very good agreement with experiment of all these predicted observables.