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Equation of state of hypernuclear matter and neutron stars

Authors: A. Rios, A. Polls, A. Ramos & I. Vidaña

Ref.: Lecture Notes in Physics 652, 217-244 (2004)

Abstract: These lectures contain a pedagogical introduction to the equation of state of nuclear matter and to the structure of neutron stars. Particular attention is devoted to the β-equilibrium conditions and to the composition of neutron stars. The possible appearance of hyperons to reach the β–equilibrium when the density increases is carefully analyzed. In general, the introduction of new degrees of freedom, such as for instance the hyperons, produces a softening of the equation of state and as a consequence the maximum mass of the neutron star decreases. Finally, relevant observational data are compared with microscopic predictions.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-44504-3_8