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Excitation of Nucleon Resonances in Heavy-Ion Charge-Exchange Reactions

Authors: J. Benlliuer et al.

Ref.: JPS Conf. Proc 6, 020039 (2015)

Abstract: Isobaric charge-exchange reactions induced by different tin isotopes have been investigated at GSI. The high-resolving power of the FRS spectrometer made it possible to separate elastic and inelastic components in the missing-energy spectra of the ejectiles. The inelastic component was associated to the in-medium excitation of nucleon resonances such as the Delta and Roper resonances. These data are expected to contribute to better understand the role of subnuclear degrees of freedom in three body forces or the missing strength in Gamow–Teller transitions but also to investigate the abundance of protons and neutrons at the nuclear periphery.

DOI: 10.7566/JPSCP.6.020039