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Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions from the Quark Model

Authors: C. Downum, J. R. Stone, T. Barnes, E, Swanson & I. Vidaña

Ref.: AIP Conference Proceedings 1257, 538 (2010)

Abstract: We report on investigations of the applicability of non‐relativistic constituent quark models to the low‐energy nucleon‐nucleon (NN) interaction. The major innovations of a resulting NN potential are the use of the 3P0 decay model and quark model wave functions to derive nucleon‐nucleon‐meson form‐factors, and the use of a colored spin‐spin contact hyperfine interaction to model the repulsive core rather than the phenomenological treatment common in other NN potentials. We present the results of the model for experimental free NN scattering phase shifts, S‐wave scattering lengths and effective ranges and deuteron properties. Plans for future study are discussed.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3483388