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Applying complex network theory to the understanding of high aspect ratio carbon filled composites

Authors: Jaime Silva; R. Simoes; S. Lanceros-Mendez; R. Vaia

Ref.: Europhys. Lett. 93, 37005 (2011)

Abstract: This work demonstrates that the theoretical framework of complex networks typically used to study systems such as social networks or the World Wide Web can be also applied to material science, allowing deeper understanding of fundamental physical relationships. In particular, through the application of the network theory to carbon nanotubes or vapour-grown carbon nanofiber composites, by mapping fillers to vertices and edges to the gap between fillers, the percolation threshold has been predicted and a formula that relates the composite conductance to the network disorder has been obtained. The theoretical arguments are validated by experimental results from the literature. Copyright (C) EPLA, 2011

DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/93/37005