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Magnetic and transport studies of the - transformation in Fe54Cr46 and Fe52Cr46Sn2 alloys: kinetics of sigma phase formation

Authors: B.F.O. Costa, M.M. Amado, G. Le Caër, V.S. Amaral, M.A. Sá, J.B. Sousa, N. Ayres de Campos

Ref.: Phys. Stat. Sol (a) 161, 349-360 (1997)

Abstract: The kinetics of the alpha-sigma isothermal transformation in Fe54Cr46 and Fe52Cr46Sn2 (at%) alloys was studied by magnetization (M) and Electrical resistivity (rho) measurements at constant temperature, T = 973 K. The variations of the resistivity with temperature during heating or cooling are interpreted in terms of the magnetic and structural evolutions of the alloys. The time dependence of the isothermal increase of rho and of the decrease of M follows Johnson-Mehl-type equations with similar kinetic coefficients. Magnetization and resistivity studies, and also in-situ transmission electron microscopy investigations, confirm that the presence of Sn retards the alpha-sigma transformation by preventing the sigma phase nucleation at grain boundaries.

DOI: 10.1002/1521-396X(199706)161:2<349::AID-PSSA349>3.0.CO;2-D