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Effect of multiple electrodes TIG welding process on the metallurgical properties of the welds in austenitic stainless steels

Authors: M. Velindro, A. Loureiro, B.F.O. Costa, F. Jesus and A. Lourenço

Ref.: Key Engineering Materials 230-232, 140-143 (2002)

Abstract: Double-arc double-flux tungsten inert gas welds were carried out in stainless steel pipes with thickness of 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm, using several heat inputs. This process seems to be effective in the concentration of the electric arc, allowing the increase of the welding speed above 10 m/min and the use of very low heat input, under 50 J/mm. The use of such low heat input is beneficial in terms of microstructure and precipitation behaviour in the weld. Chemical composition of the base material affects the weld bead shape.