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Cellulose/iron oxide hybrids as multifunctional pigments in thermoplastic starch based materials

Authors: M.C. Neves, C.S.R. Freire, B.F.O. Costa, C. Pascoal Neto and T. Trindade

Ref.: Cellulose 20, 861-871 (2013)

Abstract: Cellulose/iron oxide hybrids were prepared by the controlled hydrolysis of FeC2O4 in the presence of vegetable and bacterial cellulose fibres as substrates. By varying the relative amount of FeC2O4 and NaOH, either hematite or magnetic iron oxides were grown at the cellulose fibres surfaces. This chemical strategy was used for the production of a number of materials, whose coloristic properties associated to their reinforcement role allowed their use as new hybrid pigments for thermoplastic starch (TPS) based products. The TPS reinforced materials were characterized by several techniques in order to evaluate: the morphology and the compatibility between the matrix and the fillers; the mechanical reinforcement effect of the cellulose/iron oxide pigments on TPS and the coloristic properties of the composites. All materials showed good dispersion and strong adhesion for the cellulose/iron oxide nanocomposites in the TPS matrix thus resulting in improved mechanical properties.

DOI: 10.1007/s10570-012-9859-1