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Dependence of the hydrogen spin dynamics on the conductivity type in CdTe as studied by its muonium analogue

Authors: V. Corregidor, D. Martín y Marero, J. M. Gil, and E. Diéguez

Ref.: Europhys. Lett. 67, 247-253 (2004)

Abstract: Isolated hydrogen in p- and n-type CdTe was studied by muon spin polarization using muonium as light analogue. Transverse field spectra as a function of temperature were collected and analysed taking into account the muonium ionisation state. Evidence is presented showing that the dynamics of the hydrogen electronic spin depends on the conductivity type (P or n) of the semiconductor and that muSR is sensitive to the presence of shallow donors in CdTe. On the other hand, the probability of formation of deep states or the electronic structure of shallow donors is not influenced by the type of conductivity.

DOI: 10.1209/epl/i2003-10281-1