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Spin-polarized versus chiral condensate in quark matter at finite temperature and density

Authors: Hiroaki Matsuoka, Yasuhiko Tsue, João da Providência, Constança Providência, Masatoshi Yamamura, and Henrik Bohr

Ref.: Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. 053D02 (2016)

Abstract: It is shown that the spin-polarized condensate appears in quark matter at high baryon density and low temperature due to the tensor-type four-point interaction in the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio-type model as a low-energy effective theory of quantum chromodynamics. It is indicated within this low-energy effective model that the chiral symmetry is broken again by the spin-polarized condensate on increasing the quark number density, while chiral symmetry restoration occurs, in which the chiral condensate disappears at a certain density.

DOI: doi: 10.1093/ptep/ptw055